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National Water Resources Partners NASENI/EMDI Towards Provision of Potable Water
More than 60% of the rigs in groundwater business in Nigeria are indigenously fabricated. In the local fabrication of these rigs, sourcing for the critical component parts are usually difficult hence local fabricators make-do with used component parts. In order to curb this problem, the National Water Resources Institute (NWRI), Kaduna took up the challenge to spearhead the project on the Standardization of Water Well Drilling Rig Design and Fabrication in Nigeria. To achieve this goal NWRI identified relevant stakeholders for collaboration of which the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) is playing a central role in designing and developing four niche parts of the Deep Water Well Rigs which were identified as being critical to the success of the project namely: Power Head, Hydraulic Pump, Control Valve and Water Swivel. EMDI, being a development institute of NASENI, was given the task of developing the Hydraulic Pump and the Water Swivel. On 25th February 2014, a combined team of Engineers from NASENI Abuja and NWRI Kaduna visited EMDI to inspect the two critical units developed at EMDI. The leader of the team expressed his satisfaction at the level of precision of the work done and encouraged the management of the institute to keep the flag flying.
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