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Foundry Department

To produce metals and their corresponding alloy of right composition and foundry equipment for research and industrial purposes.

Head of Deparment: Engr. J. Alasoluyi

Unit(s) in the Department include:

  • The Pattern Making Unit
    This unit in the foundry department is equipped with skilled personnel, functional machines and tools for operations involving marking out, cutting, planning, shaping and joining for making patterns (the model or replica of cast product) of different forms such as single-piece pattern, split pattern, match plate pattern, skeletal pattern and gated pattern and also of different materials like wood, metals, plaster of Paris, wax and plastic.
  • The Moulding Unit
    The personnel in this unit have the know-how in the art of making sand mould (green sand, CO2 sand, dry sand and core sand) with the necessary refractory properties that can withstand the superheated temperature condition of the molten metal. The unit also has a sand mixer capable of producing 250kg sand per batch.
  • The Scrap Sorting and Selection Unit
    The scrap sorting and selection unit is saddled with the responsibility of sorting out scraps of the right specification for melting. The scraps are adequately cleaned from dirt, moisture and oil before being charged into the furnace.
  • The Melting Unit
    This unit is engaged with the responsibility of producing sound and quality metals with their corresponding alloys of the right composition through the use of oil fired Rotary furnace (with and without recuperative system) and induction furnace, a high tech melting furnace for the production of high strength and ductile cast iron, steel and its alloys.
  • The Heat Treatment Unit
    The heat treatment unit of the foundry department carries out secondary processing of the as-cast product. Heat treatment furnaces in this unit include; muffle and salt bath furnaces used to manipulate the microstructure of the as-cast material under controlled temperature and time are to impart or improve the desired mechanical properties needed in service.