Engineering Materials Development Institute

    Research Activities

  • Research into engineering materials for the nation’s technological development.
  • Consultancy services for tertiary and research based institutions and/ or Industries in the following areas:
    • Chemical analysis and synthesis of nano-particles 
    • Investigation on mechanical properties of engineering materials such as tensile and compression testing, fatigue testing, impact testing, and hardness testing on; steel, aluminium, polymer, composites, and others.
    • X-Ray Diffractometry.
    • X-Ray Fluoroscopy (chemical analysis).
    • UV- Spectrophotometry.
    • Grinding and polishing of ferrous samples for further analysis. 
    • Optical microscopy for microstructural analysis.
    • Micro hardness testing of materials.
    • Composite material research using natural and synthetic fibre, polymeric materials, other additives and catalyst to develop new materials  suitable for industrial and engineering applications.
    • Device fabrication at macro, micro and nano levels.
    • Solar cells production using conductive polymer/ thin film technology.
    • I-V Characterisation.
    • Friction and ware testing.
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