Engineering Materials Development Institute

EMDI offers wide range services in the field of engineering and capacity building. Our services include:

  • Materials Testing and Characterisation
    • Microstructural Analysis
    • X-Ray Diffractometry
    • X-Ray Flourescopy (Chemical Analysis)
    • Tensile /Compression Testing
    • Optical and Electrical Characterization
    • I-V Characterisation
    • Particle Size Analysis
    • Microhardness Testing
  • Foundry Services
    • Characterisation of different grades of cast iron, steel and its alloys
    • Production of simple and intricate castings (ferrous and non ferrous)
    • Heat treatment operations
    • Applied research in the area of Ductile Iron, Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) , monolithic refractory lining for furnaces and refractory bricks.
    • Pattern Making
  • Manufacturing/Production Services
    • Machine/Equipment Maintenance
    • Plant Overhaul
    • Design of Machine/Equipment
    • Manufacture of Machine/Equipment
    • Design and Manufacture of Machine/Equipment
    • Production or Manufacture of Spares and Components.
  • Capacity Building
    • In the area of foundry education technology
    • In the area of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Consultancy Services
    • Engineering Audit / Technical Audit of plants
  • Services for conferences, workshops and seminars
    • 250 Seating Capacity Conference Hall (Fully Air Conditioned)
    • Two Air Conditioned 35 Seating Capacity Seminar Rooms
    • Stand-by Generator
    • Standard/Modern Catering Services
    • Computer Systems, Multimedia projectors, overhead projectors and projector screens
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Engineering Materials Development Institute
KM 4, Ondo Road, Akure
P.M.B 611
Ondo State, Nigeria
Phone: +2347098807333,

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