EMDI Akure, Nigeria

Small Hydro Power Turbine

Product Name: Small Hydro Power Turbine
Manufactured by: Engineering Materials Development Institute, Akure


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Engineering Materials Development Institute produced a Small Hydro Power Turbine equipment for the purpose of power generation. It utilizes the system of cross-flow hydro turbine system. Basically, it consists of Penstock Adapter Unit, the turbine unit, the Alternator and the Electronic Load Control (ELC) Unit. The Penstock Adapter receives and channels water from the dam into the turbine. The effect of the flowing water drives (rotates) the rotor in the turbine. This drive (motion) is now transmitted through the shaft/pulley/belt connection into the Alternator that generates Electricity. The Electronic Load Control regulates the frequency and some cases the voltage that comes out of the Alternator.

Capacity: 35kw Water Head: 31.5m Water Flow Rate: 175litres/seconds

Cycle Time: