Materials Testing and Characterization

Materials Testing and Characterization includes:

  • Microstructural Analysis
  • X-Ray Diffractometry
  • X-Ray Flourescopy (Chemical Analysis)
  • Tensile /Compression Testing etc
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Capacity Building

We focus on Capacity Building

  • In the area of foundry education technology
  • In the area of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
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Manufacturing/Production Services

Manufacturing/Production Services

  • Machine/Equipment Maintenance
  • Plant Overhaul
  • Design of Machine/Equipment
  • Manufacture of Machine/Equipment
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From the Managing Director

It is with great delight that I welcome you to EMDI, Akure’s website.

EMDI is involved in research and development activities in the areas of materials science and engineering using best practices.

This site showcases activities of the Institute to the public. I hope you find the site useful.


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Welcome to EMDI, Akure

A major milestone in Science and Engineering sector of the nation’s economy was recorded with the establishment of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) in 1992. NASENI was designed with the mandate to conduct developmental work in the areas of manufacturing and production through co-ordinating the proliferation of technologies developed within and outside its six developmental centers. Engineering Materials Development Institute (EMDI), Akure is one of the then six Science and Engineering Develoment Complexes set up as centers under NASENI.

Engineering Materials Development Institute (EMDI), Akure was established on 1st August, 1995 as the first indigenous government materials research and development Institute. Operations commenced at its temporary site along Ondo Road in May 1996.

Our Mandate

The mandate of Engineering Materials Development Institute (EMDI) can be summarized thus:
To work in the area of engineering materials infrastructure for the production of various types of sections and sizes of machines and equipment. The technology produced is thereafter transferred to private sector organizations, industries and relevant government agencies. EMDI also offers consultancy, technical and training services to organizations.

The 5-point agenda of the mandate are:

  • 1. To undertake research and development works into processes and systems for the conversion of raw and semi-processed materials of various types, sections, and sizes for application in machinery and equipment production.
  • 2. To transfer engineering materials production technologies to the private sector, industries and government agencies and offer consultancy and extension services to such and other organizations.
  • 3. To establish and operate a physical and metallurgical laboratory for the testing of engineering materials of all types.
  • 4. To collaborate with cognate government ministries and agencies in the design of its research and development programms and projects.
  • 5. To accept, on terms specified by its trainees for practical work attachment in its work.

Our Mission:

To transform scientific engineering materials and technological know-how  and innovations into industrial products through strategic management of scarce financial resources: aggressive mobilization for and generation of financial resources; effective maintenance and sustenance of existing facilities; and intensified collaborations with relevant bodies and agencies within a highly professional and friendly work environment.

To use conventional and advanced materials science and engineering technological
know-how for the transformation of Nigeria to a competitive production and manufacturing giant.

Latest News

  • 2018 News Achieves

    1. On Wednesday 16th May 2018 , the Institute received the Management   of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) led by the Managing Director   of the Corporation on a Courtesy call to introduce some of the   Corporation’s products to EMDI.   2. Tuesday, 2nd October 2018 , The Vice-Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin  

    May 24, 2019 in Events