EMDI Akure, Nigeria

The presentation on the “Development of an improved low-cost Maize Dehusking and Shelling Machine” was brilliantly delivered by Engr. Mrs. Taiwo Adenike Oni of the Manufacturing Services Department on 14th May, 2024

is particularly noteworthy as it reflects the Institute’s commitment to innovation and practical solutions that can benefit the agricultural sector.

The Ag-MD/CEO (Mrs. Fausat Olumide Yusuf) ably represented by Engr. Joseph O. Alasoluyi (Head, Manufacturing Services Department) in his opening remarks maintained that the focus on product development, as well as the intention to enhance the aesthetics of the machine, indicates a holistic approach to innovation that considers both functionality and design. This aligns with the global trend of creating products that are not only efficient but also user-friendly and visually appealing.

The involvement of various departments and the collective input on the presented paper demonstrate the synergy among the Institute’s teams, which is essential for fostering an environment of continuous improvement and excellence. The repertoire segment was excellently coordinated by Dr Ojo Jeremiah Akinribide followed immediately with comments from Head of Departments and Units on the product.

The representative of the Acting Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer opined in his closing remarks that EMDI’s efforts in developing such machinery could have a significant impact on the productivity and well-being of workers in the agricultural sector, especially in Nigeria where maize is a staple crop. By improving the efficiency of the dehusking and shelling process, the Institute is contributing to the advancement of the industry and potentially enhancing the remuneration packages of those involved in maize production.

Overall, the seminar is a reflection of strategic leadership and the Institute’s dedication to achieving the 3Cs agenda of the Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of NASENI while also paying homage to national pride. It is encouraging to see such initiatives that drive progress and innovation within Nigerian Institutions.

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